What does the Sardine Run = Ocean Adventure look like?

History considered, because today it is no longer the case, refers to the sardine run, as actual run of sardines along the east coast of South Africa, the so-called Wild Coast, from the Cape to the area in Kwazulu / Natal. A few years ago the sardines where in the process of swimming in shoals to the coast , all coastal residents and fishermen would also run , with baskets in hand or even with nets with rock aprons in order to catch the sardines. This was the time at which the aloes began to bloom, the sign of the South African winter and they said that if the aloes are blooming sardines would be there.

It is only due to the winter storms on the East Coast that we have the opportunity to go with the emerging counter-flow direction north of sardines. Through the wintry winds of the North will warm current from the coast down to south flows Benguelas into the open sea, thus acquires the upcoming Cape Town Algulas current the ability to spread along the east coast. The result is a counter-flow, which allows the, sardines, and plankton-rich and cold current along the coast to follow.

Today's sardine run, as it is known by TV documentaries looks a little different. And the image that many of our guests imagine in their head - the ideal case, the so-called BAITBALL is the highlight Sorry, we are subjected the organizer of the nature, weather, environment and behaviour of animals and, even if we wanted to we cannot give any guarantees.

Therefore, we consider it as an organizer, it is highly important to brief our guests right before your holiday The Sardine Run is actually the experience of boating and thus connected search for the activities of seabirds (Gannet), whales, dolphins, sea lions and penguins and not hunting for sardines. The real highlight of such marine adventure is then called the Baitball, a fish ball, which by the aforementioned predators is formed and can then dived or snokelled!!

"A once in a lifetime experience", in touch with mega pods of dolphins, the middle of it, to be there in the hunt for sardines or other Bait fish! Whales, penguins, sea lions to experience first hand the cries of the Gannets (boobies) just before this flight acrobat to plunge headlong into the water like torpedoes get ready for goose bumps - that's what makes the Sardine Run

 Daily Routine...

 After breakfast, mainly in our guest house "Villa Chameleon" we set off, regardless of the tide, to the launch site. In general, we spend the whole day at sea on the go, food, drinks and good humour will be provided. After returning the restaurants / bars offer our launch sites the opportunity for a warm shower and to enjoy a typical South African drink the popular OBS (Old Brown Sherry) or, of course, various other drinks.

Back at the hotel/guesthouse, the equipment is washed, we can view pictures of the day and for dinner, the surrounding area is within walking distance of several good inexpensive restaurants.

 ... and what if the weather outside puts a spanner in the works?

 Due to the early start of our season and the advantage of the South African summer, as well as our launch sites we have virtually no weather-related outages. But if it still happens, Port Elizabeth offers many possibilities. Visit of game parks nearby, visit the sand dunes and beaches on PE's Wild Side, the casino and various shopping centres. It's not lost a day!