ORCAS Trip of an Lifetime - Magic Norway liveabord!

The HERINGS RUN, the equivalent of the Sardine Run in South Africa!

Orcas and Humpback whales descend on countless amounts of Herring which occur at the time of year. All this before the extraordinary and mystical setting of the northern Norway inlets mountains and then the crowning glory of Norway perfectly ending an incredible day: the Northern lights in the evening…

Photographers come here fully at your expense, both, on the water and on land. Rubbing shoulders with Orcas and humpback whales, which have nothing else in mind at this time of year other than to make use of the table richly laid with herring.

The daily boat trips are dictated by natural lighting, and usually last between 3-5 hours. We charter a semi Ridged Rubber Boat and are flexible enough to drive right up close to the "gentle giants" offering the possibility to snorkel or dive.

The so-called Herring Run in the north Norwegian fjords is offered by us as a full charter!