FILM-CREW HOSTING / Marine Logistcs

We travel support film crews and producers as well as individuals. In logistics, such as special film and photography we organize all this required marine permits, special permits for Sardine Run, Whale & Dolphin diving and National Parks such as Bird Island in Algoa Bay, Tsitsikamma NP.

A special media boat, is exclusively available for film crews, it offers more space and room for individual needs, space for camera and film equipment and used especially for the desires of the film crew.

Production companies such as Nat Geo US, Galatea Paris, BBC UK, EU Arte etc. have already made successful films with us.
The Sardine Run in Port Elizabeth had even appeared in the movie more commonly known as "Oceans" by Jacques Perrin and we, Expert-Tours, could successfully over the course of three years, assist the film crew with an elaborate Marine logistics.

Unsere Ozeane Film Trailer